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Payment Methods

Spot : DLC transferable 100% payable against documents in loading port

Contract : ARDLC transferable, 100% payable against documents in loading port + warranty SBLC by MT 760 with value of one month of contract with madurity of 14 months and 6 days.

Why this Methods ?

Spot :

With DLC transferable the Buyers Bank guarantees what the payment is ready before loading the vessel.

Against documents of shipment the payment is made.

Contract :

With the ARDLC transferable the Buyers Bank guarantees what the payment is ready by shipments for 12 months

With the SBLC we guarantee the collection of goods necessary for the fulfillment of the contract.

In the two type of contract, we need warranties what the transport and the loading will be paid.

When the loading is finished the Sellers Bank send the documents of shipment to Buyers bank and the payment is made.

Security for both parties, getting a good sale.


1. Buyer issues LOI; if isnt correct, Seller Mandate send PR-09-EN Model.

2. Seller Mandate issues SCO.

3. Buyer accepts SCO by signing it and returning it to the Seller Mandate.

4. Seller issues FCO and buyer must send it signed and sealed for acceptance.

5. Buyer Issues ICPO with Soft Probe and Schedule.

5.1 Samples sending optional. (*)

6. Seller verifies compliance with the Buyers bank and if all is ok issues draft-contract and send to the Buyer.

7. Buyer verifies, corrects and returns the draft contract to Seller with sign and seal.

8. Seller verifies that the contract is approved, signed and sealed by the Buyer.

9. Buyer Bank issue a POF and send to Seller Bank via swift.

10. In 5 banking days the Seller Bank send to Buyer Bank the Partial POP via swift

11. In 3 banking days, Buyer Bank will issue the Bank Guarantee ( if is applicable ), and operative bank Letter of credit for payment, as agreed in favor of the seller.

12. Within 15 banking days, Seller issues through bank the Full Proof of Product (POP).(*) and issue 2% performance bond (only for annual contracts).

13. In 2 banking days, Buyers Bank will active the payment.

14. Once Seller's bank receive the payment, commence the ship load.


(*) Procedure for sending samples to the buyer:

Given that we send samples with all the necessary documentation for an export operation, we consider this as a Proof of Product (POP), therefore, and unless agreed otherwise, be sent at the same time as the documents via SWIFT (MT-799).

To send samples, you must comply with section 9 of the procedure. The buyer must send transport to collect the samples at our offices in Sao Paulo - Brazil.

Diagram Purchase Procedure
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